Shock Therapy

by Universal [Powder | Creatine, Nitric Oxide]
Shock Therapy
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DrBray DrBray
December 20, 2009
3:37 AM
tryed this out has no pump at suger and water in my probly the worst ive tryed.if u want a real mans prework out sup go to morph or animal pump

DrBray DrBray December 20, 2009  4:30 AM
also tryed on my brother he had high hopes after morph and animal pump and was extremly disapointed.we both felt lik a litle kid on a sugar rush but the problem is u can not keep up even near the same intensity as previous trains with morph and animal.both our weights achully decreased. dont waste ur time or is amazingly shit.if u want a sugar rush hav a red bull

charlievan The Beast
December 21, 2009
8:09 PM
hope your not Talking about Universals Shock Therapy, It has vary little sugar. I hit good numbers withST, its well liked on the Animal forum and Bodyspace, I am disapointed you had such shitty rsults from it. if your refering to supplement directs REPS I have to agree after testing 2 bags I will not buy it again.

DrBray DrBray December 22, 2009  9:51 AM
i dont understand ur last bite about supplement reps.
wat i was tryin to say is that its affects wer the same as a sugar rush.didnt mean to imply it had heps of sugar lol

charlievan The Beast
September 02, 2009
5:13 PM
This is great shit!

charlievan The Beast November 17, 2009  5:02 PM
Currently testing Supplement Wharehouses REPS, so far its alright nothing to rave about either way, although its cheaper so I may be switching permenately. With the cost of MAX I need to fine tune the overall costs of my supplement program.

DrBray DrBray December 21, 2009  12:10 AM
i Disagree with u on that one is the worst of tryed.would of bin beter off with sum orange juice lol

charlievan The Beast December 21, 2009  8:00 PM
IAfter 2 bags of REPS I withdraw any and all previous positive comments, although after adding items to it to improve it I saw good results as a stand alone never again.

I still like Morph against all others, but cost is an issue and SH worked for me just as good, Thursday I begin testing USP Labs Jacked3d lets hope that one is not crap also. It comes with vary respectable recomendations.

DrBray DrBray December 22, 2009  9:57 AM
im not referring to reps havnt tryed that one.but shocktherapy hasd had to strike outs from to perfect tests.i think its hype an ppl jst get excited an energised on it. Nutrition rest time sleep training ect all the same only thing diffrent was the suppliment and it droped weights on tests.and both test wer flawless.
shocktherapy is good if u want to be in a hypo or bit of energy but if u want and intense compound workout it has no balls to back up ur balls

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