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KPmodel KPmodel
November 25, 2009
5:26 AM
Hey! You bumped Ryan out of his spot!! He'd better get busy :)

KPmodel KPmodel December 04, 2009  5:55 AM
I'm sure it was an accident LOL :D

KPmodel KPmodel
June 14, 2009
6:19 PM
Thank you MarciaKat :)

sexybeast sexybeast
May 20, 2009
8:52 PM
Hey, thanks for the brag MK!

DrBray DrBray
April 27, 2009
7:19 AM
haha Braydens one of the top names out there ur suns lukly lol.

i can but it into just bout every song around aa

KPmodel KPmodel
April 16, 2009
11:23 PM
Glad to have you as a fitster! You have great information to share with others.

OldeButGoode DareDevil
April 07, 2009
3:34 PM
I'm fine thanks !! Good luck with your new computer !

OldeButGoode DareDevil
April 06, 2009
9:29 PM
Hope all is well with you !!

quickV quickV
March 06, 2009
4:36 PM
thanks for the request

charlievan The Beast
March 04, 2009
6:17 PM
Then use the younger type Tuna not the larger older Albecore. canned light has .118 ppm and canned albecore has .353 ppm

charlievan The Beast
March 04, 2009
6:07 PM
I always tell women to eat no more than a can a week, and if pregnant none. fresh fish, and the smaller ocean fish that do not consume other fish for food is usually a safe bet.

charlievan The Beast
March 04, 2009
6:00 PM
Ya I was just ticked about an earlier comment about certain tasty fish and decided that I should put some emphasis on health instead of taste. We always talk about fat and sugar and the the artificial sweeteners that are poisoning each other and our children, but we never talk about all the other things the Corporate slugs are shoving down our throats.

February 22, 2009
4:02 AM
You are a tease.............Marcia, Trying to get me to fall off the boat huh! Hell u won. Tmrw I am going to DAMONS 4 my splurge day lmao.. Been freakin desiring Ribs. and Damnit I am getting some lol! Hope all is well with u hun. Steve

OldeButGoode DareDevil
February 14, 2009
7:23 PM
Thank you and have a great Valentine's Day !

sexybeast sexybeast
February 14, 2009
3:48 PM
Oh thanks MarciaKat! Chelle and I have had a great day already. We took our dog for a walk and just had breakfast. We have to work today, but we're going to celebrate on Monday. Happy Valentines Day to you guys too!:)

charlievan The Beast
February 13, 2009
3:21 PM
Cool I'll check it out.

plucky plucky
February 11, 2009
5:46 PM
Thanks! And now for my next trick...

slimluks slimluks
February 11, 2009
4:40 PM
I have been very intrigued, but I am yet to take the leap. I might do it one day at a class at my gym. Don't knock it till you try it, right?

slimluks slimluks
February 11, 2009
4:33 PM
It is beautfiul here in CT, but I am stuck in the office. Had a great workout last night, so that felt good. So are you into Yoga (from your pic)?

Where are you from?

slimluks slimluks
February 11, 2009
4:21 PM
He's a good looking guy lol!

How is your day going?

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