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on 2/26/2009 by BIGDAWGWALK | filed in: Diet and Nutrition
Oscar Meyer Turkey Bacon is worse than Regular Oscar Meyer Bacon.  The  Turkey Bacon has significantly more sodium, just about the same calories and fat content...I have not checked the other brands of bacon but this Brand is a Fact and It should be the same in most of the others...We must make sure to read the labels and ingredients before letting a catch word(TURKEY) get us...
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March 01, 2009
4:52 PM
Yeah Shocker Huh! RB- If it sounds too good then usually it is.. thats the olddd saying lol!

February 26, 2009
5:54 PM
Lmao Plucky- Freakin sucks don't it. Love those BLT's...I'll just cut back from 3 to 2 sandwiches lol!

plucky plucky
February 26, 2009
5:41 PM
DAMMIT! I love turkey bacon... Oh well, I love REAL bacon too :) Either way, moderation is the key. Not an everyday breakfast food.

February 26, 2009
5:16 PM
That sucks Dig - But I guess we have to just be super careful about what we choose....

digitaldel digitaldel
February 26, 2009
3:35 PM
It's true with ALL turkey bacon. It is made unhealthy because of the additives needed to make the flavor of turkey bacon comparable to good ole fashion PORK! (The other white meat)

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