Top 5 Most Annoying Gym Goers

on 1/22/2008
Top 5 Most Annoying Gym Goers The gym is not only a place to improve your health and fitness, but it's also a good place to clear your mind and relieve a lot of stress. However, there are CERTAIN PEOPLE that stand in the way of that. So I feel obligated to list these types that interfere with my peaceful gym visits.

1. The non-deodorant wearers - Ah, yes, the gym is a place to work up a sweat and get a little dirty. However, that does not mean you can bypass putting on deodorant before you go.

2. The Machine Talkers - I like to get my workout done, and get home. However, I understand that some people enjoy talking 80% and working out 20%. That's fine, but PLEASE stop sitting on the machine that I'm waiting to use while you're gossiping with Bruno about how much protein he's eaten today and how his squat thrusts are good for his buttocks.

3. The Invaders - It's a classic moment. I position myself with enough room to do some lateral deltoid dumbbell raises (for shoulders), and someone stands right next to me, about a foot away, and starts doing a similar exercise that requires space for range of motion. So then I, being the one with common sense and realizing we can't both exercise in our little area, have to move somewhere else, where the lighting probably isn't good and my muscles don't look as big, lol.

4. The Slammers - I'm not talking about those who slam weights to the ground. Although that's annoying, it doesn't make my top 5. For this pet peeve, you have to go to a gym where there is a metal rack, and metal dumbbells. Then, you need a guy who decides to slam those weights onto the rack (metal against metal) as a sense of accomplishment after his lift. This leaves a loud ringing throughout the gym and hurts the ears (ipod or no ipod) of all those around him.

5. The Plate Stackers - I'm not all that impressed by you leg pressing 1,800 lbs. Well maybe I am, but what I'd be impressed with, is if you had the endurance to finish that leg press by removing all of the weight plates afterward

Ryan Mayberry - FitConnect.comRyan Mayberry

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2BSwole 2BSwole
January 27, 2008
6:51 PM
agreed the invaders are bad, especially when doing something where you need a large range or motion, just takes a lil common sense to realize to stay out of someones way :)

ryan ryan
January 27, 2008
1:56 AM
It's good that someone else agrees.. I feel like some people overlook how annoying invaders are.

ryan ryan
January 22, 2008
7:01 PM
ha, yes, good one.. drives me nuts

CountAight CountAight
January 22, 2008
6:51 PM
Haha! And don't forget The Bob-ers, their ignorance is enough to cause one to cringe.

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