Peanuts and Raisins Can be a Healthy Snack or a Fat Packer

on 4/24/2008 | filed in: Dieting
Peanuts and Raisins Can be a Healthy Snack or a Fat Packer If you have any fitness and health goals, usually part of achieving them is finding healthy snacks. Peanuts and Raisins COULD be a healthy option - but it depends on your goals and activity level.

Nutritional Info for Peanuts and Raisins

Two cups of a peanuts and raisins mixed has about 43 grams of protein, 139 grams of carbohydrates, and 72 grams of fat. Peanuts are very high in protein and relatively high in some fats, while raisins are high in carbohydrates and no protein or fat.

Peanuts and Raisins Can be a great snack for weight lifters
If you have an active lifestyle or are trying to build muscle, this mix of protein, carbohydrates, and fat (can't avoid it) is a good mix. If you've missed out on your usual intake of carbs throughout the day, have some raisins to even it out. In the same way, if you're lacking protein in your diet, eat some peanuts.

Get Fat with Peanuts and Raisins
If you're the couch potato type, I wouldn't recommend eating this mixture. While this can be a healthy option for those who have an active lifestyle, those who are couch potatoes will not fair as well. I'd recommend a healthier snack like celery.

Does this mean that if you're not a weight lifter you can't use peanuts and raisins as a snack? No, but it's important to Know your Fitness Goals before Choosing Snacks for your Diet.

Ryan Mayberry - FitConnect.comRyan Mayberry

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ryan ryan
April 28, 2008
7:27 PM
Yea, with something small like raisins and trail mixes I could see people mindlessly eating a day's worth. Good input.

Hulbs Hulbs
April 27, 2008
10:14 PM
Great post. In fact i just started using a nut and raisin mix recently for my work day snacking. But like you mentioned that is because it is effective in helping you build muscle via the protein in the nuts and getting those carbs when needed via the raisins. At the moment i'm increasing my muscle mass and so can be a bit liberal with my calories (within reason), but once i'm at maintainance i'll probably use a different snack food.

ryan ryan April 28, 2008  1:52 AM
Thanks hulbs... It's always more fun on the bulking up stages. Maintenance is annoying because you have to pay closer attention to over-eating.

ryan ryan
April 25, 2008
12:28 AM
Thanks oz

MyFitnessHut MyFitnessHut April 25, 2008  1:46 AM
Those 100 calorie snack packs are dangerous too because people tend to eat too many of the packs during the day.

ryan ryan April 25, 2008  2:20 AM
I totally agree.. I've been meaning to write something up about them.

plucky plucky April 25, 2008  6:12 PM
Yeah, they are small, so you can eat 2 or 3 at a time ;)

ryan ryan April 25, 2008  9:03 PM
ha, there ya go

MatthewCole MatthewCole April 25, 2008  11:07 PM
I can't eat them for that reason! I like my protein bars or shakes. They fill me up and that way I don't need to snack.

ryan ryan April 28, 2008  1:51 AM
that's definitely a good approach. With protein shakes and bars you know the exact ingredients so you can better monitor your daily intake and avoid over-snacking.

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