Even Matthew McConaughey's Body Fades

on 5/31/2008 | filed in: Celebrity Fitness
For those who are struggling to keep up with their beach body, don't think you're the only one with the problem. Even celebrities like Matthew McConaughey, who have no responsibilities other than doing a movie every few years, have trouble sticking to their beach body.

Matthew McConaughey, who is well known for running around on the beach with his shirt off and thinking he's cool, was recently photographed not looking all that great. He seems to have lost his six pack (side note, his hair looks all kinds of messed) and although his body isn't terrible, it's not how it used to be.

Here's a picture of what Matthew McConaughey looks like now:
Matthew McConaughey Fitness

Here's an older picture of Matthew McConaughey:
Picture of Matthew McConaughey

So if you're getting all depressed because your belly isn't looking as great as it used to, just know that Matthew McConaughey's having the same problems.

Now we have to find out what Diet and workout Matthew McConaughey is on so that we can know what NOT to do to achieve our fitness goals.

Ryan Mayberry - FitConnect.comRyan Mayberry


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KPmodel KPmodel
February 21, 2010
11:04 PM
Ryan, before I started bodybuilding seriously one year ago I thought I looked pretty good for my age. I'm sure other people did to, for the most part. Then I saw an image of myself at the beach in Florida and I was pissed at myself. I weighed 120lbs. That's only a 10 pound difference, but it was the body composition factor. I refuse to go backward again...especially at my age. Things slip away rather quickly when you're not paying close attention :) I encourage anyone who feels like quitting their workouts to think twice. It's too much work to get it back after your body starts going soft on you.

grimesgayle2 grimesgayle2
February 03, 2010
6:12 PM
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justinlord47 justinlord47
November 07, 2009
10:32 AM
damm that is diffrent

June 24, 2009
8:02 PM
:( what happened to him?

MarshallPage MarshallPage
April 02, 2009
3:07 PM
It's not surprising for someone who has as much as McConaughey does to allow things to slide. Fortunately for him I'm guessing that he is a highly-confident and internally driven individual who won't allow himself to slip for too long.

I'd expect to see him back in shape soon.

However most of us need to nurture our drive so it could be anywhere near the level McConaughey possess. Just think, most poeple would kill to have his "out of shape" body. Of course they'd kill before they'd ever pick up a dumb bell or put down the french fries...

Everyone likes the idea of looking good. The work part in getting there, not so much.

GeriJo GeriJo
March 10, 2009
5:39 AM
I don't doubt Ryan's intentions at all... as a matter of fact I don't think anyone really had mal-intentions about it. They just wanted to crack a joke. Okay, ha ha funny. BUT, what if Matthew was one of fitconnect's anonymous members? What if he read that? How do you think it would make him feel? That's all I was trying to point out to people. Just because we are making an effort in our lives to be fit and healthy doesn't give us the right to "poke fun" at individuals who aren't as fit and healthy as us... that's all.

Benjamin80 Benjamin80
March 02, 2009
3:26 PM
Or, Ozzie (from your first post here), he looks so crappy and boozed up because he just got out of the ocean and is working out. Honestly, he looks to be in the type of shape most people would dream of, especially at 40 something. The "now" photo he is what? maybe 10 pounds heavier, right?

Benjamin80 Benjamin80
March 02, 2009
3:20 PM
I wish I could look like McConaughey in the after photo, he's still got one of the better physiques of any celebrity.

Hell, I wouldn't mind looking half as fit as he is in either photo.

Stallone, he does HGH for the most part and is a big advocate for it's positive benefits.

DaveV DaveV
February 23, 2009
2:25 PM
Stallone also juices like crazy and always has been. He's old school. He and Arnold made action movies the way they were supposed to be done!

DaveV DaveV
February 23, 2009
12:59 PM
Stallone looks better than ever and he's 60.

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