The Many Sweet Benefits Of A Very Bitter Tea By Dane DeNiro Jones

on 1/26/2009
The Many Sweet Benefits Of A Very Bitter Tea  By Dane DeNiro Jones The Jamaican Cerasee (pronounced sir-see in the Jamaican dialect) plant is a very beneficial fruit that is native to Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. At the age of thirteen I was introduced to this very bitter tasting tea by my paternal grandmother who was born and raised in Jamaica. The very first time I tasted it I thought that I was being tricked by my aunt because I came across a reddish looking beverage in the refrigerator. Being that it was cold, red ,and wet I figured it had to be either iced tea or cranberry juice, so, I proceeded to remove the bottle from the fridge and I immediately noticed what looked like a vine or root with leaves inside of the bottle. I instantly told myself maybe this is something I shouldn't be fooling with, but being at that curious and simple-minded age I just had to try it, besides, it didn't smell bad. So, I grabbed an eight ounce glass from the cabinet and filled it half way.

This had to be one of the worst mistakes I could have made as a child because instead of just taking a small sip I very quickly swallowed it still believing that it had to be either iced tea or cranberry juice. Before all of it could get down my throat, this bitter, nasty, and disgusting taste registered from my taste buds to my brain and I immediately spit the rest out in the kitchen sink. I asked my aunt and my grandmother how and why they would drink something that tasted so awful. The reply I always received from them was that it "cleans out the system", or, "it cleans out the blood". Needless to say at the age of thirteen I was nowhere near interested in cleaning out my "system" or my blood, especially if I had to drink something so disgusting to do it!

I am now 23 years old and, being very conscious of my health, I now have a box of store brought Cerasee tea bags in my cabinet. I drink it as a hot tea and, unlike my grandmother, I dont use sugar or any other sweetener in it. I have recently done much research on this tea and the plant from which it is made and found out that many conditions that millions of people suffer from can be prevented AND even cured by the use of this plant and its tea, such as, DIABETES, OSTEOPOROSIS, URINARY TRACT INFLAMMATIONS, WORMS, HYPERTENSION, MALARIA, HEMORRHOIDS, ULSERS, AND MUCH MUCH MORE. It is VERY rich in MANY vitamins and minerals such as, VITAMIN A, VITAMIN C, CALCIUM IRON etc. Not only does it purify the blood, but it DECREASES sugar levels, INCREASES the body's' natural ability to produce insulin, dramatically INCREASES bone density and has a very long list of many other necessary health benefits from both the tea, the plant, and the fruit that every human can benefit from!!!

No wonder why the pharmaceutical industry sells drugs that have nothing but side effects and keeps the benefits of mother nature's natural healers like Cerasee away from the people who need it the most, people like you and me!!! To learn more about the benefits of Cerasee copy and past the following link into your web browser:

I very much recommend that you do the research and find out for yourself how Cerasee tea can benefit you and your loved ones, if you can stomach it. I myself got used to the taste after my second or third cup. I drink two to three cups a month depending on how much sugar I intake during one week. Shout out to Ryan (the owner of this site) for allowing me to share this information.

Dane DeNiro Jones A.K.A Lord Almighty
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dwarrior dwarrior
February 01, 2009
12:37 PM
Alot of good info, were could i find the tea? about a month about i just found out that i have diabetes (i am only 20 years old) maybe it could help me out, i need a cleaning lol

LordAlmighty LordAlmighty February 01, 2009  8:52 PM
This tea can be found at specific health food store such as the Whole Foods market, or stores the deal specifically with can also try any Jamaican stores that might be in your area. The tea bags I use are manufactured by a company called Caribbean Dreams which can be found in the sort of stores I mentioned or purchased online......drink in moderation!

luvmesome50 luvmesome50
January 27, 2009
10:09 AM
I will definitely check this out. Thanks for the info.

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