Fitness trainer Danny Russo

on 8/4/2008
"You're going to be healthier, stronger, leaner, firmer." That's the claim fitness trainer Danny Russo made Saturay morning to around 50 women who attended his seminar at Curves on Pikes Peak Ave. in Colorado Springs. The 63-year old Russo said he worked as a men's power trainer for a couple of decades, including for the Cincinnati Bengals. He had no interest in training women until he was invited to do so by members of the U.S women's power lifting team.
     "Women work harder, are more committed and complain less" than men he said. "But the men had better results with less effort." Wondering why, he set off to learn more about women's physiology. He said he has done research at Duke University. He now teams as a fitness trainer with his wife Janet, a nurse and registered dietician. Russo told the crowd that he doesn't believe in diets. "How many of you have been on a diet?" he asked. Most women in the room raised their hands. "diets make you lose water, fat, and muscle," he said. " And when you go off of them, you gain back water and fat." Women he said, retain more water than men - farmore than most people realize - and that in order to become fit, and to stay that way, they need to properly hydrate themselves. 
     Russo opposes the Atkins Diet. "Carbohydrates are not poisen," he said, adding that he once debated Atkins on ABC Radio. Russo believes that individual women differ from one another in the amount and type of "carbs" they need. He emphasized that the body's pH levels need to be within a certain range in order for a person to remain healthy and energetic. During his talk, he distributed pH test strips to audience members so they could check the pH levels of their urine at home. "The level shouldn't be below 6.5," he said.
     Arguing that women's body chemistry differs from men's, he advised the audience to follow certain dietary practices for the first 30 days of a fitness program: Drink 20 ounces of water three times a day, and each time drink that amount within 30 minutes (only sip water if it's needed the rest of the day); avoid pasta, reace and potatoes, just for those first 30 days, because, he said, they make you retain wter; consume below 2,000 milligrams of the sodium one finds in canned and frozen foods and table salt - though one needn't worry about the sodium that naturally occurs in meat, eggs and other unprocessed foods; and take a B-complex supplement every day along with 1,000 mg of vitamin C, 99 mg of potassium and an additional 50 mg of B6.
     The reason women should take an additional 50mg  of B6, along with the B-complex suppledment, he contended, is that the B-complex supplement they take should contain 50 mg of each B-vitamin, including B6; the extra 50 mg in a seperate B6 supplement will therefore bring the total mg of B6 to 100mg. "B6 is a natural diurectic," he said.
     He stressed throughout his talk that he lieks helping people achieve their fitness goals as "naturally", as possible. He recommended to the audience that for those first 30 days they put asisde their other non-prescripstion supplements and take only those prescribed by their doctors, along with whatever medications they are prescribed. Whole food supplements like JuicePlus+ are okay to continue taking. Take the supplements he recommended once pere day, he said, about 20 minutes after a "real meal."
     Six days per week during those first 30 days, one should concentrate on consuming the following foods: chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, and lots of fruits and vegetables. "If you have something else (to eat), mix it with one of those foods you should concentrate on; on the seventh day, one can eat whatever she wishes, though she should still take the supplements recommended and keep her level of added-sodium under 1,000 mg."
     The purpose of the first 30 days, Russo said, is to raise potassium levels, lower sodium levels, and prepare the body for eating healthier and exercising in a way that will allow the person to effiently andd muscle tissue.
     Russo also discouraged audience members from consuming aspartame.

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OldeButGoode DareDevil
August 05, 2008
4:24 PM
Interesting ! Thanks !

n8ball n8ball
August 04, 2008
10:10 PM
nice article! where did you get it? I bet you're glad you went to that meeting!!!

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